10 Best Apps to Help Children Learn a Language

When you’re an adult, it’s relatively easy to use your determination to learn a language by yourself. With children, the situation is different.

As they haven’t yet developed grammatical knowledge and a feel for the language, they need guidance. Ideally, their learning process should involve the help of the parents in the first few lessons. Later on, they can use apps.

What makes a good language learning platform? Firstly, the interface has to be user-friendly, with additional perks related to improving your writing vocabulary and creativity.

To help your child become a polyglot, we’ve selected 10 of the best apps to help children learn a language. Try them all!

1. Stories by Gus on the Go

For young Spanish learners, this app is an excellent start. In this particular app, children can learn Spanish by listening and reciting famous fairy tales such as Cinderella, Goldilocks, and The Three Bears or Sleeping beauty. It’s a slow and fun way to learn the most sought-after language in the world.

Approaching language learning this way doesn’t induce stress like grammar and vocabulary exercises to do. If your child is 8+, you can have them write an essay on one of the stories. Afterward, you can send it to the NinjaEssays writing service for proofreading. By doing so, you allow your child to understand the mistakes he or she made.

2. Duolingo

Perhaps the most popular educational app in the world, Duolingo started humbly. After just a few years, they managed to find their app used in schools around the globe. It certainly possesses the best exercise. Not only you get the knowledge you need, but you can also learn valuable things through the tips before and after each lesson.

Using the words they’ve learned, your child can practice by writing an essay or synopsis and sending it to affordable proofreading services. Practice makes perfect for language learning.

3. Little Pim

Little Pim takes a fun, but more analytical approach. Unlike most language learning apps, Little Pim starts by laying the groundwork with the building blocks of a language. With the app, your kid can understand the very logic of language and how to express oneself openly and effectively.

It’s available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store so you won’t have problems syncing your child’s data across devices. You also get separate apps that let you check your child’s progress and focus on any mistakes.

4. Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds

Rosetta Stone is famous for its main language learning app for adults, but they’ve developed one for kids too. Taking an interactive approach.

Rosetta Stone helps your child perfect both their Spanish and English skills through multilingual exercises. It’s ideal for kids preschool and up, due to the simplicity of exercises.

The start covers the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, along with spelling specifics and other details. It works best with conversational tools or perhaps a custom writing service.

5. Gus on the Go

The mother app of Stories, Gus on the Go is one of the most popular language learning apps for kids. Unlike many other forms of software, Gus on the Go has after-lesson games and fun exercises to stimulate the brain of your child.

Even 3 and 4-year-olds can use the app, as it introduces only 90 words during the entire curriculum. If you want to move slow and get your child to understand what’s going on – download this app.

6. Kids Learn Mandarin

One of the most-spoken languages in the world, Mandarin is great for developing linguistic and logical thinking in young children. As Mandarin contains pictographic symbols, kids will learn how to read and solve language-based problems and riddles. There are fun music videos and stickers included as rewards for performance.

The free version of the app includes one lesson and 8 games, whereas the paid version gives you an additional 8 lesson and even more content.

7. Learning by Mindsnacks

Mindsnacks gives children an opportunity to learn an array of different languages. The UI is specially designed so that the parents can follow the child’s progress at all times.

Other than more common languages, there are also complete courses for Portuguese and Vietnamese. Each course starts off relatively easy, with the difficulty gradually increasing.

It’s also great for writing essays, with sync options for apps such as PapersOwl review. If you’re moving to another country, you can use it as a small prep course.

8. Endless Spanish App

This one is pretty special. Based on puzzles instead of exercises, the app challenges children into developing their critical thinking and inquisitiveness. No lesson is easy and some involve dealing with obstacles, frustrations and trick questions.

If your younger child is going to use this app, we advise your supervision. Guide them through the exercise and tell them that everything is okay. Due to its degree of difficulty, it’s best to use this app alongside another one.

9. ChineseSkill

Chinese learning is on the rise, with many job opportunities involving significant pay raises for Chinese speakers. You can prepare your child to enter the job market with apps like ChineseSkill. What we love about this app is the fact that it contains a lot of fun facts.

Using ChineseSkill, your child will get to know an entire culture and not just the language. Easy and fun to work with.

10. Penyo Pal

With Flash Cards, young children can remember key phrases and expressions as they start to learn a language. Penyo Pal uses this same approach to teach children 2+ basic French skills. It’s based on memory games and challenges.

Native speakers and certified professors have recorded audio clips to help children learn the phonetic system, as well as grammar.


Use any of these apps to help your child enter the world of foreign languages. Your little ones will love the simple exercises and interactive rewards systems. You can also study with them and practice conversation and you both improve. Learning has never been more fun.

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