Hiring a private language tutor will help your child improve their grades

Hiring a private tutor may be one of the best things you can do for your child. In today’s global economy, knowledge of a second language will help them succeed in the future job market, broaden their horizons by allowing them to apply for more and better jobs all over the world. Even in the UK, if you can speak another language you have the potential to earn much more than someone who only knows English. Read on to find out how a private tutor can help your child reach their full potential in school and in the future.

A private tutor will:

• Help to improve your child’s grades at GCSE, A-level or for university exams. Nowadays there is much more of a struggle to get onto the first choice of course or university. Our private tutors work closely alongside exam board syllabuses to make sure that all aspects of the course are covered. If necessary, we contact teachers for guidance as to the best ways to do this.

• Provide help with homework or coursework. The tutor will provide extra material related to the topic being studied at school.

• Provide individual attention that is often just not possible in a class at school. The tutor will target specific areas of weakness such as listening, speaking, reading, writing or grammar. You will see an improvement even within a short time of the private tuition taking place.

• Give extra speaking practice leading up to oral exams. Often students just need a few lessons before an oral exam just to run through their presentation with another speaker of that language. Again, there is probably little time in school hours to spend enough time on this. They will receive help with their pronunciation and improve their fluency.

• Boost your child’s confidence so that they arrive at their exams calm, focused and fully prepared.

• Offer tips on exam technique and give help on study skills and time management. They can then apply this to all subjects and will be useful if they go onto further education.

• Improve motivation and stimulate interest in the language. Maybe you feel your child isn’t getting on well with the teaching style used in school. By tackling the same information but in a different way, your child will succeed. Our private tutors create fun and exciting lessons to keep students of all levels and abilities engaged and to raise their level of interest in the language.

• Create tailor made lessons to adapt to your child’s own learning style and circumstance. For instance, you may feel your child is struggling with the language and needs additional support. Or you may feel your child is able to do better but is underachieving in school. In this case, the private tutor will work towards bringing these skills out so that your child reaches their full potential. You may believe your child is very bright but is underperforming in school because they are bored. The tutor will create more stimulating and activities to keep them focused and interested so that they do not feel punished by having extra lessons.

Don’t wait until 3 weeks before the exams, give your child the best chance possible to face their exams with confidence by starting private tuition now.

If you would like to help your child improve in the language they are studying or prepare for their exams please contact VLS via the website or call Fiona who would be delighted to advise you on how we can best help your child.
T: 07870699404

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