Top 10 Best Educational Sites for Spanish Beginners

Spanish is spoken in 7.8% of the world, a percentage that is predicted to remain the same until at least 2050, writes El Pais. Their report also shows that today in the United States, there are 43 million native Spanish speakers and another 15 million people with some knowledge of Spanish.

So, whether you are travelling to a South American country or living in Miami, you need Spanish. “Learning a new language is an art,” shares Magdalene François, editor at Britannia Language. “It opens up a new world of opportunities, forms new brain connections, and can establish beautiful intercultural friendships,” continues François.

Here are 10 best educational sites for Spanish beginners.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is an easy learning-website for Spanish beginners. You will be asked to take a placement test as soon as you choose the language you want to learn on Duolingo.

Each one of your lessons will include speaking, listening, translation, and multiple-choice questions. Besides that, you will be graded for the questions you get right or wrong. The application helps you stay on track by recording the number of days in a row you’ve spent learning the language.

2. FluentU

Visual learning has always been one of my favorites —it brings life to the language I’m learning; and this is exactly why I used FluentU while learning Chinese.

The app takes real-life videos such as music videos, commercials, trailers, TEDx talks, etc., and turns them into a personalized language lesson. Its interactive features help you immerse in the language very quickly!

3. Cervantes

Cervantes International School offers online Spanish classes! According to their website, Cervantes Escuela Internacional has been dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language for many years and is accredited by the Cervantes Institute.

Their method of teaching is based on your needs. If, for example, you only need to polish your Spanish skills to move to a Spanish-speaking country, they will provide a programa that fits your personal demands.

4. Cambridge

University of Cambridge’s Language Center has developed a course aimed at Spanish beginners. The lessons are divided into seven parts:

• The Introduction

• Basic 1 – introduces students to the language and helps them take part in easy conversations

• Basic 2 – builds grammar skills and improves communication

• Intermediate 1 – the students will be able to read various articles, offer advice, and write letters

• Intermediate 2 – focusing more on understanding the message conveyed by native speakers of Spanish; writing formally and informally;

• Advanced – read academic papers, talk fluently, demonstrate the ability to communicate properly

• Advanced Plus – focusing on literature, culture, movies from Spanish-speaking countries

Important Tip – writing every day helps you progress and develop your skills furthermore. You could use BestEssayTips (my favourite) or other online writing services to check your spelling and grammar mistakes quickly and surely.

5. BBC Language

The interactive teaching methods used by BBC Language are an incredibly useful resource if you’re a visual learner. They take videos or dramas and turn them into an instructional material. You can find online lessons paired with any topic you are interested in – from football, TV news, radio, or Spanish series, to windsurfing and cooking classes.

Here’s my tip: watch the videos, print the script, underline the words you’re not familiar with, and learn even faster!

6. SpanishPod101

With their motto learn Spanish in the fastest, easiest and most fun way, SpanishPod101 is indeed one of the best learning websites out there. They offer over 1800 audio and video sessions, knowledgeable and energetic hosts, vocabulary learning tools and spaced repetition flashcards, detailed PDF lessons notes, a lively community forum, and multiple apps to download on iOS or Android.

7. Fluencia

Another excellent website for learning Spanish, Fluencia helps you learn your way, in case you’re tired of dull textbooks. They use interactive content and exercises to make your practice. They also offer the option of conversing with native speakers to practice your real language skills.

You can visualize your progress online, use the website’s SmartReview technology to maximize what you’ve learned, and get individual feedback from your teacher.

8. Study Spanish

Depending on your level, Study Spanish will help you speak the language in a hot second. They have three starting levels:

• The Beginner Level – if you are not at all familiar with Spanish culture and language.

• The Intermediate Level – if you have problems understanding native speakers and translate in your head before responding.

• The Advanced Level – for which you must submit an online form.

Study Spanish’s prices can go fairly high. However, their courses are well-organized into units, which makes the learning process easier for any student.

9. 123 Teach Me

Learning Spanish for free by playing online games sounds exciting, doesn’t it? At 123 Teach Me, you can play high-quality audio games to improve your communication skills. If you sign up for the newsletter, you can also receive the word/phrase/verb of the day, which advances your practice even more. 123 Teach Me offers self-study courses for students of all levels.

10. Quizlet

Last but not least, Quizlet makes learning Spanish so much easier for anyone. You can design your personalized study set online and share knowledge with your peers. You could also compete with your friends and see who learns faster! Check out more details here.

Wrapping Up

Studying Spanish using the right apps has its benefits – one, you don’t get bored; two, you can’t get bad grades; three, you can compete with your friends and win. Good luck with acquiring your goals!

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