Teacher Language Training for Primary Schools

The ability to understand and communicate in foreign languages is becoming increasingly important nowadays. With the approach of Brexit the UK’s relationship with the countries whose languages are commonly taught in schools is going to make the supply of good foreign language teachers considerably more difficult.

A report by The British Council in March this year “Language Trends 2018: Language Teaching in Primary and Secondary Schools in England” found that ‘languages remain a marginal subject which primary schools find challenging to deliver alongside many other competing demands.’ Another problem which hinders pupils continuing to learn languages in secondary school is the lack of consistency amongst primary schools. Some children have been learning another language throughout primary school whereas others have not had any language learning.

Our vision is to provide high quality early language teaching to help children become enthusiastic about learning new languages and to help them recognise the importance of being able to speak a foreign language.

Teacher Language Training Course

To help schools with this we offer a Teacher Language Training Course which will include:

• Creating a study program that follows the National Curriculum
• Compiling a scheme of work suitable for Ofsted
• Interactive activities in the primary classroom
• Language learning resources aimed at primary aged children
• Advice about maintaining children’s interest and motivation
• Assessment methods
• Language tuition of the language being taught (if required)

We offer a one-day workshop or alternatively, the language teaching specialist will come in to your school for one session each week for 4 weeks or for as many sessions as required.

MFL Teachers

We also provide specialist language teachers who will give language classes or assist the primary teacher during language learning sessions.
The minimum booking would be half a day.

Find out more about our Teacher Language Training here.

If you would like to know more about our Teacher Language Training Course or specialist language teachers, please contact us today.

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