Talking about the weather in Portuguese

It seemed spring had finally sprung, there were barbecues, picnics, sunny bank holidays and then it snowed in Cornwall!
Well the weather certainly gives us all something to talk about!
So let’s have a look at some useful vocab on how to talk about the weather in Portuguese!

What’s the weather like?: Como está o tempo?


it’s sunny: faz sol
it’s nice: Está/faz bom tempo
it’s not nice: Está mau tempo
it’s cold: está frio
it’s hot: faz calor
it’s snowy: está a nevar
it’s rainy: está a chover
it’s windy: faz vento
it’s foggy: está nebuloso
It’s cloudy: Está nublado
it’s freezing: há geada
a storm: uma tempestade / um temporal
lightning: um relâmpago
changeable: variável

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