Spanish idioms using colours


  • Ponerse rojo: To blush/go red (get embarrassed)

    e.g. Cuando le dio cumplidos, se puso rojaWhen he gave her compliments, she went red.


  • Media naranja = soulmate (Literally: half orange)

    e.g. He encontrado mi media naranjaI have found my soulmate


  • Está más informado que las páginas amarillasHe is more informed than the yellow pages.


  • Poner verde = to bad mouth someone or back stab them

e.g. Siempre ponía verde a sus compañeros de trabajoHe always badmouthed his work colleagues

* Estar verde
= to be very new at something / not know what you are doing

e.g. Espero que no tengamos una prueba hoy, estoy verde, no he tenido tiempo para estudiar.
I hope we don’t have a test today, I have no idea, I haven’t had time to study.

  • Un chiste verde = a rude joke


  • Un Príncipe Azul“a blue Prince” is used to refer to a Prince Charming in fairy tales.
  • Tener sangre azulto have blue/noble blood.

e.g. ¿Por qué no quieres comer aquí? – ¿Tienes sangre azul?
Why don’t you want to eat here? – Are you too good?


  • Como una rosa = as good as gold
  • Verlo color de rosa = to see it with rose-coloured glasses

e.g. Ve la vida de color de rosa = He sees life through rose-coloured glasses


  • Ponerse morado = to pig out

    e.g. Se puso de morado de galletas durante el viajeHe pigged out on biscuits during the journey


  • ¡Vaya marron me cayó!What a mess I got stuck with!
  • Comerse un marrónto get lumbered with something/take the blame

    e.g. No es la culpa mía pero me estoy comiendo el marrón
    It’s not my fault but I’m getting the blame


“Ver muy negro” means you are pessimistic and see everything negatively.


  • Quedarse en blanco = to go blank

e.g. No pude recorder su nombre, me quedé en blanco.
I couldn’t remember his name, I went blank.

  • Estar sin blanca = to be broke/skint

e.g. No puedo salir este fin de semana, estoy en blanca.
I cannot go out this weekend, I am skint.

* Dar en el blanco = To hit the nail on the head / to be spot on.

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