Review of Online Course “Essential Holiday Spanish”

Online Spanish courseThis course aims to teach beginners of Spanish the key words and phrases to survive easily on holiday in any Spanish-speaking country.

You will learn how to greet the locals, take a taxi, check in at the hotel, order food and drinks, ask for directions, go shopping and deal with emergency situations.

The course is based on authentic dialogues between a native speaker and a tourist.

Here is a review from someone who recently downloaded the course:

On first impressions, the course looks nicely laid out, with a professional feel and with an easy user interface.

I purchased this course, as I visit my uncle in Spain at least once a year, and where he lives, hardly anyone speaks English. I have a basic understanding of the language, but wanted a course that gave me a good understanding of the language in leisure situations. This has ticked all of the boxes for me.

What I like about it:

• Conversation is with a native Spanish person, giving me experience of the accent and speed at which they speak.

• I could print off the vocabulary sheets of the phrases and words used in the course, which avoids me needing to carry a thick phrase book around. I can fold it up and put in my back pocket for easy reference.

• The course is split into nice small bite-size sections, allowing you to just do 20 minutes a day (which is what I did), and not have to worry about stopping half way through a section to continue the next day.

• At the end of each section, there are listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises so I can see how much I have learnt. What I did was, if I didn’t get a lot of it right, I went back through and did the section again until I did get most or all the exercises correct, and then moved onto the next section. I found these exercises a great help.

• There is a section on emergency situations, which is not something I would have thought of learning. Hopefully I won’t have to use it, but it’s comforting to know I have the vocabulary should I need it.

• For me the biggest advantage to this course is that I can access the course on my computer, phone and tablet. I can do the course on my computer at home then pick right up where I left off on my phone/tablet whilst on my commute to/from work etc.

I’m struggling to think of any cons, but if I was to be picky, once you’ve marked a section as complete, the menu goes grey, making it harder to read afterwards (not the course itself), but that’s just me.

What you will gain from the course

This course has greatly increased my Spanish vocabulary, and I was able to practice my grammar knowledge whilst doing the exercises, which resulted in improving my understanding of verbs etc too.

In my opinion, I think this course is ideally suited to someone who already has some basic knowledge of the language and wants to be able to speak confidently when on holiday.

I would highly recommend this course. – Marc Sampson

If you would like to purchase the course click here.

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