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Essential Holiday Spanish

Does this sound like you?

– You feel embarrassed that you cannot talk to Spanish people whilst on holiday.

– You have tried learning Spanish before but found it too difficult.

– You lead a busy life with limited time for in-depth study.

If you would love to:

– Greet people in Spanish on your next holiday.

– Order food and drinks in Spanish.

– Ask questions, understand directions from locals.

– Find the best places to shop and get a good bargain.

– Deal with emergency situations.

Then this course is PERFECT for you!

In just 7 sections that you can easily study in less than a month you will learn:

to greet people and introduce yourself and your family or friends.
Spanish people are delighted when you speak to them in their language and this goes a long way to helping make friends making your holiday even more memorable.

– Tell the taxi driver where you want to go and make small talk.

– Check in at the hotel and ask questions about your stay.

– Order food and drinks and find out the best local dishes to try.

– Stop someone in the street and ask for directions and understand their answer!

– Find the best places to go shopping and how to get a good bargain.

– Ask for help if you feel unwell, have something stolen or miss your flight.

This self-paced study course can be studied when and where suits you, at your pace.

Authentic material

By learning from listening to real life authentic dialogues between a tourist and a native Spanish person you get to see how the language is really used in everyday situations tourists encounter.

As well as listening and reading along with the script, you learn the key words and phrases and later when you are ready, you do follow-up written exercises to really get to grips with the language and most importantly, there is speaking practice.

The words and phrases used are typical Spanish ways of saying things that you may not find in beginner text books and phrase books.

What is in the course?

Learning made Simple

1. Realistic dialogues between a tourist and native Spanish person.
Listen and read the transcript with the English translation below so that you can follow what is being said.

2. Key words and phrases to study and learn for each situation.

3. Written exercises to reinforce the new vocabulary such as matching up exercises, filling in the missing words, translating phrases into either Spanish or English and answering questions in Spanish.

4. Pronunciation practice. Finally, you get to practice saying the most important questions and phrases and checking that your pronunciation is correct.

What will I study?

The topics studied cover everything you need to make a holiday in any Spanish speaking country much more enjoyable and stress-free.
The topics include:

1. Meeting and greeting new people or colleagues, friends and family.

2. Taking a taxi.

3. Checking in at the hotel.

4. Ordering food and drinks in bars, cafes and restaurants.

5. Asking for and understanding directions.

6. Going shopping.

7. Emergency situations; illness, dealing with theft or missing a flight.

Learn all the basics you need to know to make your next holiday in a Spanish speaking country as enjoyable and stress-free as possible and even help you make friends easily abroad.

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