Motivational Tips for Mandarin beginners

CHINESE and MANDARIN are becoming popular languages for people all over world to learn these days.

The most common question that beginners of these languages have, is “How can I learn Mandarin quickly and easily?”

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Learning any language takes patience, persistence, time and creating smart learning strategies to suit your style of learning.

Here are some useful tips for beginners:

One: Mental preparation

  1. Identify why you decided to learn Mandarin. For fun, travel, work, business, Chinese history, or for a Chinese partner. By setting up short-term, realistic goals you won’t lose focus and you will be more likely to stay motivated and continue learning.
  2. Pick up a recommended book and workbook and find an experienced teacher to help you stay focused and on the right track.

Two: Learning Strategy

  1. Pinyin and 4 Tones are basic for beginners. Try to understand pinyin and tones properly and use them to pronounce Chinese characters. The only way is to practice. You can record your pronunciation and play it back to listen to it, and work on improving each time.
  2. Try to think in Chinese. Keep thinking in Mandarin as much as you can during your day and create more situations to use the Mandarin that you have just learned. For example, writing a shopping list, map, make a to-do list, playing games, visiting a Chinese restaurant and striking up conversations with local Chinese people.
  3. Watch Chinese movies and learn the lyrics to Chinese songs.
  4. Read Chinese newspapers and magazines.
  5. Collect things with Chinese writing on and try to read and understand it.
  6. Write out your own flash cards with Chinese characters and keep them close at hand so that any spare few minutes you get during the day you can flip through them.

Finally, remember there is no short cut for learning a language. Persistence, repetition and sticking to a study plan are the keys to successful learning.

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