Mealtime phrases to sound like a native Spanish speaker!

Restaurant scaledIf you are eating out with Spanish relatives or friends, here are some of the common words and expressions related with food, drink and eating in general that you may hear at the dinner table. So if you can memorise some of these to use yourself too, you will no doubt greatly impress your Spanish friends or family!

Ordering your meal:

Estoy dudando entre … y …: I can’t make up my mind between … and …
Me apetece …: I feel like, I quite fancy …
De primero …: For the starter …
De segundo …: For the main course …
De postre …: For dessert …
Estoy en ello.: I’m working on it.
Quiero algo ligero de primero.: I’d like something light as a starter.
Me reservo para el postre.: I’m saving myself for dessert.
Vamos a compartir …: We are going to share …
Voy a probar …: I am going to sample / try …

Describing food:

Está rico/a: It is tasty/delicious.
Está riquísimo/a: It is very tasty/delicious.
Está de muerte: It’s fantastic! [Literally: To die for]
e.g. ¡Este filete está de muerte!: This steak is fantastic! {Literally: To die for]
¡Tiene buena pinta!: It looks great!
Todo tiene muy buena pinta.: Everything looks good.
Huele bien.: It smells good.
ligero/a: light
pesado/a: heavy/rich
La salsa está muy pesada: The dressing is very rich.
Llena mucho: It’s really filling
Esta tarta llena mucho: This cake is really filling.

Describing people & food:

goloso/a: sweet-toothed
un obseso de la buena mesa: someone who is crazy about fine dining.
tragón / tragona: big eater / glutton
sibarita: gourmet (adjective and noun)
ponerse morado: To pig out.
e.g. Nos vamos a poner morados. We’re going to pig out.
¡He comido a cuerpo de rey! I have eaten like a king! [Careful not to say “He comido al cuerpo del rey” – this would mean, “I have eaten the king!”]

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