Learn Spanish with Music – the Lirica App

Most people think that learning a language is too difficult and time consuming even to string together a few basic phrases. Some people think it is too difficult to master the pronunciation and to be understood when speaking the language. The reality is that nowadays there are so many different ways to learn foreign languages with technology and apps that anyone can do it!

One of the best ways to perfect your pronunciation is by listening to songs sung by natives in the language. How many times has a song’s lyrics got stuck in your head so that you are singing them without even thinking about it.

This is the aim of the new app for learning Spanish with songs – the Lirica App, (iOS and Android) one of “Google Play’s hidden gems of 2018”.

According to Lirica, “Songs make language memorable, they are naturally engaging and form a window into the cultures they represent.”

The app uses current and classical Latin American songs by Spanish-speaking artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Elvis Crespo, Carlos Vives, Julieta Venegas and Manuel Turizo. There are follow-up lessons using games to grow your vocabulary and to teach you key grammar points.

How does Lirica work?

You choose songs based on your current level: beginner, intermediate or expert.

Whilst listening to the song and watching the video you see the Spanish lyrics below with the English translation. The words are highlighted as they are sung so that you can easily keep up.

After you listen to the song several times you do simple questions to practise the key vocabulary and grammar used in the song lyrics. For example, it will show you a line of the lyrics with a word missing. You then have to pick what the missing word is.

Once you have mastered a song you get a gold star.

You can tap “Review Words” to see the lyrics in Spanish and English again.

This is a brilliant app for people learning Spanish because it makes learning fun, it is easy to do when you have a spare ten minutes plus songs and music are engaging, making words memorable so you retain new vocabulary in your long-term memory much more easily. You may not become completely fluent with this app but it is a really good way learn new Spanish words and phrases or simply to do some extra listening practise even if you don’t do the lessons.

The app is free to download or you can pay a premium subscription of $9.50 a month, 3 months for $19.50 or 6 months for $9 (special introductory offer).

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