How to say “Let’s …” in Spanish

If you want to invite someone out in Spanish or suggest going out to do something the easiest way is just to say “Let’s go to the beach”, “Let’s have a coffee”, “Let’s dance” and so on. Once you learn how to say this in Spanish, you will sound a lot more natural and native like rather than a textbook. This blog post explains how to form this phrase, “Let’s …”:

Use the subjunctive form of “nosotros” (we)

The most common way to say “let’s …” is to use the subjunctive of the “we” form of the verb:

If you have not studied the subjunctive in Spanish, don’t worry. All you do is switch the ending of the verb.

If you have an –ar ending verb, you change it to an –er verb ending in the nosotros (we) form. If you have an –er or –ir ending verb, you switch the ending to an –ar verb ending in the nosotros form.

e.g. comprar = to buy

To say, “Let’s buy an ice-cream”:

First say, “We buy an ice-cream.” = Compramos un helado.

To change this to, Let’s buy an ice-cream” you just change the –amos ending of comprar to –emos:

Let’s buy an ice-cream. = Compremos un helado.

e.g. correr = to run

To say, “Let’s run to the beach”:

First say: “We run to the beach” = Corremos a la playa

To change it to “Let’s run to the beach” switch the ending to an –ar ending:

Let’s run to the beach = Corramos a la playa

e.g. Escribir = to write

To say, “Let’s write the email”:

First say, “We write an email” = Escribimos un correo (electrónico)

To change it to “Let’s write an email” change the ending to an –ar ending verb:

Let’s write an email = Escribamos un correo.

So now you see why in Little Mix’s song they are saying “Bailemos” (Let’s Dance).

Irregular verbs

Just watch out for some key irregular subjunctive verbs:

Vayamos = Let’s go
Tengamos = Let’s have
Salgamos = Let’s leave/go out
Pongamos = Let’s put
Hagamos = Let’s do / make
Juguemos = Let’s play
Paguemos = Let’s pay
Saquemos = Let’s take out / take photos
Empecemos = Let’s start
Crucemos = Let’s cross

Other ways to say “Let’s”:

Vamos + a + verb

Another way of phrasing this, is just to say, “Vamos a bailar”. This can mean “We are going to dance” as in the immediate future tense, however it can also express “Let’s dance”.

“¿Por qué no …?

You may also suggest doing something by the question, “¿Por qué no bailamos?” (Why don’t we dance?)

So you see there are several ways to say “Let’s …”.


How would you say:

1. Let’s eat
2. Let’s have a beer
3. Let’s have dinner
4. Let’s go to the pool
5. Let’s swim
6. Let’s visit the castle
7. Let’s play tennis
8. Let’s book the trip
9. Let’s have a siesta
10. Let’s go out


1. Comamos
2. Tomemos una cerveza
3. Cenemos
4. Vayamos a la piscina
5. Nademos
6. Visitemos el castillo
7. Juguemos al tenis
8. Reservemos la excursión
9. Tengamos una siesta / Echemos una siesta
10. Salgamos

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