How to make a complaint in Spanish at your hotel.

Hearing about people’s experiences in foreign hotels and after having faced problems when staying in hotels abroad myself, I thought this would be a good article for people learning Spanish, leading up to the peak holiday period. Read on to learn some key expressions which may just help you out on your next holiday in a Spanish-speaking country:

Quiero quejarme. I want to complain.
Quiero presentar un reclamo. I want to lodge a complaint. [make a formal complaint.]
Quiero hablar con el director. I want to speak to the manager.

If something is missing:

No hay toallas. There are no towels.
No hay agua caliente. There is no hot water.
Falta papel higiénico. Toilet paper is missing.
El minibar está vacío. The minibar is empty.

If something is not working:

La ducha no funciona. The shower doesn’t work.
La televisión no funciona. The television isn’t working.
El aire acondicionado está estropeado. The air conditioning has broken down.

Complaining about cleanliness:

La habitación está sucia. The room is dirty.
El baño está sucio. The bath is dirty.
Las sábanas están sucias. The sheets are dirty.

Complaining about the noise:

Hay demasiado ruido. There is too much noise.
Es demasiado ruidoso. It’s too noisy.

Making requests:

Quiero cambiar de habitación. I want to change rooms.
Mira. Look.
Venga conmigo. Come with me.
¿Cómo funciona? How does it work?
¿Cuándo se puede arreglarlo/la? When can it be fixed?

Hopefully you won’t need any of these phrases on your next trip to Spain, but you never know so they are worth remembering!

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