How Can You Learn A New Language While Staying at Home?

As much as confusion, fear, and uncertainty this year has brought to us as a result of the global pandemic, it has been an excellent opportunity to turn to learn new things as we all have got ample time. Staying at home and reading novels or text books is unique, but how about learning something that can change your life for good? You guessed it right! We are talking about learning a new language. Its fun, it’s exciting, and it is convenient to learn a new language while staying at home. Here are some tips to help you get started with it immediately:

Why Learn a New Language During Quarantine?

You might be wondering why we are emphasizing so much on learning a new language while staying at home. Here are the most compelling benefits of it that will surely make you rethink your quarantine plan:

• Language learning boosts up your cognition. It sharpens your memory.
• Makes you feel productive
• Learning a new language increases career opportunities for you.
• Exposes you to entirely new literature, movies, and art.
• You get know about culture insight.

Enrolling in an Online Language Learning Platform

There are multiple online platforms that offer language learning courses. No matter what language you are aiming to learn, you can always find an online language learning program that can help you learn. They can provide you with an instructor, live sessions, notes, relevant study material, etc. to make the learning process straightforward. The fee structures are highly affordable and are designed as per the convenience of people, so, finance is not likely to be an issue. What else can be better than finding everything under one roof? Online language learning institutes are the best of all options that you can opt for while staying at home.

Online Tutorials

If you want to learn a language alongside your job or studies and can’t keep up with the pace of online learning platforms, then you would be better to look for online tutorials or YouTube channels. There is plenty of content available that can make language learning an effortless process. The video content is just like an instructor teaching you in a regular classroom. You can watch the video, take notes, and practice what you learn, regularly. Learning at your pace can be challenging, but if you are truly motivated, you can surely get along with it.

Make it Fun!

You can learn a language in an entertaining way, and that is through movies and TV series. This might sound unconventional to you but trust me; it works well! Download a video in a language that you want to learn, i.e. Korean, French, English, Chinese, or any other, with subtitles in writing that you understand. Listening repeatedly to it will help you learn a lot of new words and that too with the correct pronunciation. Moreover, you will gradually get fluent.

Let’s Cook!

Starting with learning the basic terminologies in the new language is always a great idea. Likewise, reading recipes in the language you want to learn can help you discover the frequently used terms. Don’t just read the methods, cooking alongside reading will help you memorize the things more effectively.

Use Social Media

Connecting to the native speakers of a language has never been so easy. You can directly connect to them via social media platforms and can also join groups where people can help each other to learn the language. There are so many ways in which social media can aid in your language learning process and makes it an easy process.


The COVID-19 has created havoc which is taking a toll on our physical and mental health equally. Keeping yourself occupied with something productive is highly recommendable, and language learning is the ideal choice. As we discussed, there are so many convenient and exciting options available that can help you get started learning. What else can be better than learning something new while staying at home? Take advantage of online tools and get started with it now. This is an opportunity that you might not get again.


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