Fun Spanish games – keep the kids entertained and help them learn Spanish!

Shopping role play in Spanish

The best age to learn a language is when you are young – ideally between birth and the age of 7. This is when children absorb new words most easily. Make learning fun so that it is not seen as a chore. Introduce fun activities into everyday life – foods, colours, numbers, and clothes. Here are two tried and tested ways that I use to help children from 4 years old to learn useful Spanish for everyday situations. All you need is to learn some basic Spanish first. Children have so much fun they don’t even realise they are learning a foreign language!

Spanish treasure hunt with sweets (Búsqueda de los caramelos)

AIM: To learn the rooms in the house in Spanish and directions such as; on the left/right, straight ahead, in front, opposite, behind, underneath, at the end of.

METHOD: Make clues on paper in Spanish. Write the name of the room where the treasure is in Spanish and English. Also include a direction within the room, such as “behind the door” along with a little drawing to help them. Give them the first clue to start with and place all of the others in the correct places around the house along with the treasure – in this case, sweets. Go through all of the vocabulary you are going to use in the game with the children first and also help them with the clues as they go along.

Shopping in a Spanish market

AIM: To learn the names of fruits, vegetables and foods in Spanish as well as numbers, prices and key shopping phrases.

METHOD: Use plastic food and set up a “shop” or “market stall”. Teach them the Spanish they will need to use, i.e. foods, numbers, phrases. Use real money or plastic euros sets for the cashier and shopper. First make shopping lists so they decide what they want to buy. Get them to ask for each item in Spanish. You are the shopkeeper and hand them each item individually. They then ask how much it costs and you give the change. You can add in little extra words like: Do you need a bag?, Have a good day?

The possibilities are endless and your child will enjoy every minute of it. They will soon be telling their friends and teachers how they can count in Spanish and go shopping in Spain!

Lessons for children start from £10 and there are discounts available. Tutors are CRB checked.

If you would like some advice on the best ways to help your child learn Spanish or to book just a few Spanish lessons to learn the basics, Fiona would be more than happy to offer you some advice.

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