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Logo scaledBilinguasing is an Award winning singing, music and movement class for parents, babies, toddlers to preschool children in Stamford, Oakham, Deeping, Oundle and Peterborough. We know that music, movement and sensory experiences are fundamental to baby and child development, which is why at BilinguaSing we teach languages in a unique way – purely through music!

We also use a variety of actions and engaging props to make language learning super-active and lots of fun. Say ‘bye-bye’ to boring and ‘hello’ to bilingual singing, action-packed adventures!! We’re constantly amazed at how quickly such young children (and their parents!) are singing along in a foreign language! It really is infectious!

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Being an Early Years teacher, I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to live and teach abroad in different parts of the world, including Northern Spain. I discovered how quickly and easily young children can learn a completely new language, particularly through music and movement. The best time for anyone to learn a new language is while they are still learning their own. This is why people who are exposed to a second language from birth or toddlerhood end up speaking more than one language effortlessly. It’s a real gift to give a second language to our little ones.

We also offer a unique nursery programme that stands out from the usual language and music classes on offer. BilinguaSing combines the best elements of music and language classes bringing your EYFS setting a unique, high-quality and great value class that the children will adore and parents will love!

Come along for a free taster or request a free nursery demonstration!

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