8 Creative Ways to Get Daily Spanish Writing Practice

Online SpanishLearning Spanish and getting consistent progress can be a difficult mission, even though it is one of the simplest languages. In the beginning, when everything is new to you, you may find the learning process interesting and captivating. After a while, it’s obvious that daily writing practice loses its magic.

Therefore, it’s your task to find some creative ways to turn your Spanish daily practice from boring to interesting, and back to fun again. The learning process isn’t supposed to be painful or unbearable. It’s the teacher’s job to make the lessons more interactive and interesting to keep the student captivated.

For that reason, as your own teacher, you have the power to get creative and make your daily Spanish writing practice part of your routine, so it will no longer feel like a boring task that you must complete every day. Here are some great and creative ways to do it:

1. Journal in Spanish

Journaling is a well-known daily activity that can help anyone improve their writing skills. When you journal, you can write about everything that crosses your mind and it’s a place where no one will judge you for how and what you write, as it’s personal.

Therefore, journaling is a great place to practice your Spanish writing skills and keep track of your progress day by day. Don’t trust me, trust the research team from EssayMama who has studied and tested this subject thoroughly.

2. Words of the Day

Expanding your vocabulary is extremely important when you’re learning a foreign language. and memorizing certain words and their meanings might be one of the effective ways to do it.

Edu Birdie reviews suggest that expending our vocabulary should be part of our daily activities. Ideally, you should start small by learning one word every day.

You can even turn it into a game which can go like this: choose the word of the day, understand its meaning, and try to use it as much as you can throughout the day. Scale the process when you feel ready.

3. Find a Spanish Writing Pal

Finding someone you can talk to in Spanish is maybe one of the best ways to improve your Spanish writing skills, especially if that person is a native speaker. You can ask him or her to correct you whenever you misspell a word, make a grammar mistake, and fail to express yourself correctly.

Actually, the guys from qualified writers recommend an awesome app where you can easily find a writing pall to help you improve and practice your writing skills. It’s called Hello Talk, which is basically the WhatsApp version for the language learners, so making friends will be a piece of cake n this social platform.

4. Listen to Spanish Music

Listening to music is my personal favourite fun way to learn a foreign language. All you have to do is to find a song you really like, put it on repeat, learn its lyrics and its meaning, and repeat the process with another song.

According to Australianwritings, the primary struggle will be learning how to spell the lyrics correctly, but writing it down twice a day and correcting it should fix the problem. Of course, this activity is way more fun when you actually know how to sing, but the lack of talent shouldn’t stop you from your goal of improving your writing skills.

5. Change Your Devices and Apps in Spanish

Changing the language on your phone, tablet, computer, and social media platforms is a creative way to learn new words, to get used to Spanish in your daily life, and to learn the correct spelling of several words. By simply making this change in your life, your Spanish writing skills will suffer an effortless improvement.

The experts from Assignment Masters explained that the human brain, thanks to its visual memory, is able to (and often will) assimilate the sensed information a dozen times a day, regardless of your lack of conscious attention on that information.

Therefore, whenever you’re using your phone to learn Spanish, your brain will receive new information regarding the name of the apps. For that reason, in a matter of days, you’ll easily remember all your apps names in Spanish without having done any effort.

6. Make Your To-Do Lists in Spanish

You can improve your Spanish writing skills so easily through the small things that you do every day. You don’t have to reserve one hour of your day to improve your writing. You can save that time, and whenever you have to make a list, whether it a grocery list, a to-do list, or a chores list, you can write it in Spanish.

There. You’ll shot two birds with one stone, and as the expert team from Besttermpaper always advises, “work smarter, not harder”.

7. Play Games in Spanish

According to the Cheap Essay Service research team, 90% of the gamers admit that they have improved their foreign language writing skills in a drastic way. So, while you’re playing your favourite game, you can also get your daily Spanish writing practice. Learning a foreign language has never been easier than it’s today. You just have to dare to be creative and find the proper Spanish games.

8. Translate Paragraphs

Translating paragraphs may sound like a boring, definitively not fun, and not-so-creative activity. But, it’s all about what you’re translating. Of course, you can translate paragraphs from a history book, but you can also translate something from a comic or, why not, your favourite book.

Not so boring anymore, am I right? Translating paragraphs is a good way to practice and improve your writing skills. The experts’ team from Term Paper Help stated that one of the most efficient activity for your foreign language writing practice is translating paragraphs.


When you’re learning a foreign language by yourself, you have all the freedom in the world to turn the boring process of learning and improving your Spanish skills into something creative and fun.

Sometimes, when you’re learning a language, the small, repetitive things that you’re doing every day are more effective than the traditional learning methods that often involve staying at your desk and memorizing the theory.

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