6 Reasons Why Private Language Tuition is So Popular

Last academic year 2018-2019 we were so pleased to have a record year of results for the students that we tutored in foreign languages. All students achieved levels 8 or 9 at GCSE with one achieving nearly 100% on her papers and another receiving the award at the presentation for best attainment in Spanish.

September is a busy time when students go back to school and especially those in GCSE and A-level year groups start to panic about the exams in the summer. Often parents want to help their children by booking private tutoring sessions to help them prepare in time and to reduce the stress nearer exam time.

Private language tuition is a particularly good idea due to the reasons we will go through in today’s blog post:

Individual attention

  • In the classroom students may have to compete for the teacher’s time with 30 other children.
    A teacher in a class in school has limited time to spend with each student. There isn’t enough time to go through each student’s problem areas and work on what they need to do to improve. With a private tutor you work at the students pace and tackle their specific weaker areas

Less pressure talking in the foreign language in front of peers

  • Particularly during teenage years students are very self-conscious and feel reluctant and even embarrassed to talk in front of each other in a foreign language. They may feel silly or find the accent difficult to master. During a one-to-one session with a tutor, even the shyest of children don’t worry as much about making mistakes or trying to speak in the language.

Compete in a globalised world

  • Being able to speak in a foreign language will make you more desirable to employers than those who don’t.
    If students leave school knowing at least one other language this can make them more appealing to potential employers and increase their future career opportunities. Being able to speak another language will put them ahead of others who can only speak English.

Boost progress

  • Tutors use the current syllabus and past papers plus extra activities to give extra practice and advice especially with the most difficult areas.
  • Tutors use up-to-date materials and exam preparation activities so that the student gains much more relevant practice than just from school homework. This extra practice will help them advance to obtain the higher marks much more easily.

Build confidence

  • Sometimes pupils just need someone to make them realise that they can do it. Often their teacher in school does not have the time to coach each student individually in this way. Particularly with the oral exam students need the extra time and speaking practice leading up to the exam. Normally parents are not able to help with this unfortunately.

Create enthusiasm in the subject

  • Our private tutors are enthusiastic about the subject they are tutoring and they are keen to pass on their knowledge with the students. For example, last academic year we had a student who took private lessons in German leading up to his GCSE exams. Initially he had no interest in the subject, however, after learning with a German tutor he even began to consider it as one of his A-level subjects, not to mention the fact that he achieved the highest grade, a level 9.

If you would like to enquire about private language tuition for your son or daughter, contact us today or call (01733) 573467 / 07870 699404.


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