5 Lucky New Year Traditions in Spain

12 lucky grapes

Every New Year’s Eve (Noche Vieja) people gather in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid to hear the chimes of midnight ring out. Upon each chime it is traditional to put a grape in your mouth and if you manage to eat all 12 you will have good luck through the coming year. Shops sell packs of 12 grapes especially for this new year tradition. Often they are not seedless grapes, making it even more of a challenge! It is a really funny experience especially when you have a go for the first time and you are surrounded by people laughing – it is not easy to achieve!

Toast with cava

Once you have swallowed hopefully all 12 grapes it is lucky to down a glass of cava. However if you want to be prosperous during the following year you should drop a gold item into your glass before you toast. On the other hand, if you are looking for love, you should drop in a red fruit such as a strawberry or raspberry.

Wear red underwear

If you want to find love in the new year it is said that you must wear red underwear. Some say that the underwear needs to be given as a gift.

Right foot forward

It is said that throughout the first day of the new year, you must start off with your right foot every time you set off anywhere. This can include stepping into your front door when you arrive home from the new year celebrations, when you get out of bed the next day, leave the house and so on.

Eating lentils

It is thought that lentils represent small coins so if you want to attract wealth into your life during the new year you must eat a bowl of lentils on the first day of January. This could be mixed with chorizo, ham or peas.

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