10 Must-know phrases for a trip to China!

hong-kongA trip to China seems more and more easy to make these days, however for some people the language barrier puts them off. It is not that difficult to learn just a few important words and phrases to get by. Master some key phrases and you will get much more out of your time in China.

Here are 10 useful phrases to start you off:

1. Ni hoa: (Hello)

2. Wo qu zhe ge di zhi: (I am going to …) – to tell the taxi driver where you want to go.

3. Zai nar?: (Where is …….?)

4. Duo shao qian?: (How much is it?)

5. Tai hao le: (Great, brilliant)

6. Tai hao chi le: (Very tasty)

7. Tai mei le: (Very beautiful)

8. Pi jiu / hong jiu / ka fei / cha (beer/wine/coffee/tea)

9. Xie xie ni: (Thank you)

10. Dui bu qi: (Sorry)

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