10 Great reasons to learn Spanish

1. Spanish is spoken everywhere!

There are over 330 million native Spanish speakers in the world and Spanish is the most widely spoken language after Mandarin Chinese and English. This is only likely to grow over the next few decades. Spanish is spoken in more countries than French and German; most of South America, Spain, parts of the US, Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines and even parts of Antarctica.

2. Expand your circle of friends.

Make life-long friends with people all over the world. Learning Spanish will allow you to meet new and exciting people in other countries and to get to know them better than if you were only able to communicate through gestures and body language.

3. Improve your travel experiences.

Knowing even a little Spanish before your trip will make your holiday much more enjoyable. From knowing even just a few words and phrases you will be able to reserve a room at a hotel, order food and drinks in a restaurant, ask for directions or find out where the best bars and restaurants are.

4. Increase your employment opportunities.

With our globalised world, communication with people in other countries is dramatically increasing. Knowing Spanish is a fantastic addition to your CV making you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. By showing that you speak another language, especially Spanish, you are much more likely to land yourself that dream job than if you could only speak English. Bilingual employees often receive a higher salary than their monolingual colleagues.

5. Help your business succeed internationally.

Spanish is one of the most important languages for business. With the number of Spanish-speakers growing, Hispanic consumers are becoming the fastest growing market segment. Imagine being able to sell your product or service in another country! By trading internationally you will have the opportunity to increase your market share putting you way ahead of competition.
Learning Spanish will allow you to communicate more effectively with Spanish-speaking employees, clients and suppliers.

6. Appreciate Spanish-speaking cultures.

By knowing Spanish you will have access to a whole new area of culture including art, literature, music and film. You will be able to appreciate popular culture in the Spanish-speaking world such as reading and understanding newspapers, magazines, books, letters from friends etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand what Shakira and Enrique Iglesias are singing about?

7. Boost your brain power.

Learning a foreign language keeps the mind active and according to scientists it delays the onset of dementia.

8. Learning Spanish is fun!

Most people enjoy learning Spanish and find it much easier to learn than French or German. The pronunciation is simpler as you say the word exactly as you see it written.

9. Learning Spanish will make learning other languages easier.

Many people find that once they have become bilingual in Spanish, the next language they study becomes much easier to learn. This is more apparent amongst European languages since they all have Latin roots, you will recognise that many words are similar.

10. You will have a greater understanding of English.

By studying sentences, vocabulary and grammar in Spanish, you will start to look more closely at your own language. You will notice and question things you use every day in English that you never would have thought about before learning the rules of learning a new language. Most people find that by learning Spanish they improve their English!

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