What makes a good language tutor? – And why VLS has the edge!

I am proud to say that one of the GCSE Spanish students that I have been tutoring has been predicted an A* and all of his friends go to him for help in school! This is down to his hard work, talent and my teaching methods which have been perfected over time. How do you know that you have a good language tutor? Here are some guidelines as to what makes a good tutor:

* They must be competent in the language they are teaching and normally have lived in the country. You must have mastered the language you are teaching and you must continuously spend time studying aspects of the language. You can never know a language completely; there are always new words and phrases to learn.

* Language teachers must be passionate about the language and enjoy teaching and passing on their knowledge to others. As well as knowing the language well, they must be skilled in “teaching”.

* They must provide a wide variety of lesson activities involving interesting and engaging materials to keep learners interested and motivated.

* They must adapt lesson tasks to suit individual learning styles; some people learn best from listening, seeing or speaking. They must be prepared to change a course of lessons to adapt to the learner’s abilities. If they are struggling with a particular topic, the teacher must find new ways of approaching it so that it is understood.

* A good teacher is willing to learn about new teaching methods and use new technology which is changing constantly, especially with foreign language study.

Why do VLS tutors have the edge?

* Experience: We have many years experience teaching people of all ages and abilities and can create a course of lessons to suit anyone!

* Motivation: I have often taught students who, at the beginning of the lesson are tired, bored and restless as they think it is just another lesson like in school, but by the end they are focused, interested and engaged in the language. A private language lesson is an informal time when they can discuss what they find difficult and the tutor will find new ways to help them improve.

* Study tips: We can help students with memorisation skills to remember more vocabulary, or how to master grammar rules. We provide revision and exam techniques and give tips on the words and phrases to include in their writing or speaking to achieve those top marks!

* Flexibility: I have recently helped a GCSE Spanish student run through their oral exam presentation, the day before their exam – on a Sunday and from the other end of the country! The parent contacted me the Sunday morning and the lesson took place over Skype that afternoon. With VLS lessons can be booked at the last minute before an exam or test.

* First-class service: In addition to the lesson time, we spend considerable time preparing the lesson; providing handouts, audio material and homework tasks. The lesson often overruns as we make sure you have understood everything and answer any questions. We take time to check homework; providing feedback with full explanations and suggestions for improvement. This is often sent back to you by email before the next lesson so that it is still fresh in your mind.

We provide face-to-face lessons in your home, school or office as well as by telephone or Skype.
If you would like to book a trial lesson with VLS to see just how professional and friendly we are, please get in touch by calling Fiona on (01733) 759934 or 07870 699404.

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