Schiacciata Siciliana con patate

A typical Sicilian Christmas dish


Scacciata patate editedSchiacciata Siciliana con patate

In Italy there isn’t a national Christmas dish like we have in the UK and the USA with our turkey and roast potatoes and veg. Each region (ogni regione), each town (ogni paesino) and each family (ogni famiglia) has its own traditional dish. That’s why the country is famous for so many culinary delights! As we’re so close to Christmas I would like to share one of my favourite Christmas dishes with you, which is typical of Catania in Sicily.
Here are some key words to help you follow the recipe:

• circa (pron. CHEER-KA) – around/approximately
• aggiungere (pron. A-JOON-JEH-REH) – to add
• tagliare (pron. TA-LEE-ARE-EH) – to chop
• pelare (pron. PEL-ARE-EH) – to peel
• un pizzico (pron. PITS-EEK-OH) – a pinch Continue reading

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