Common mistakes in Spanish

10 Common Mistakes NOT to Make in Spanish

mistakes in SpanishI have noticed that beginners of Spanish often make the same kinds of mistakes. If you learn about these easy to make blunders from the beginning you will be more likely to avoid making them yourself.

Spanish is a different type of language to English therefore the grammatical structure and phrases are often very different to how we say things in English. Learners of Spanish often want to transfer something in English directly into Spanish, however this does not always work!

In this blog post we will point out the most common mistakes to avoid as a beginner of the Spanish language: Continue reading

7 Common Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in Spanish

Many people studying Spanish do the same mistakes all the time without even realizing it. For them, these mistakes might seem minuscule, but when conversating with a native, things look differently. We must pay attention not to embarrass ourselves, or make the other person feel uncomfortable.

Here are seven mistakes any Spanish student should avoid. Continue reading

10 Common mistakes to avoid when learning Spanish

When learning a foreign language it is impossible not to make your fair share of mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid in Spanish:

(1) To say “another …” in Spanish you don’t need to use “un” or “una”:
“Another book”  isn’t, un otro libro”, just “otro libro”.

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