Spanish Idioms using the verb “Ser” (To be)

Impress someone with an authentic Spanish expression! First you have the Spanish expression, followed by the literal translation with the English equivalent meaning in brackets.

Ser más fuerte que un roble – To be stronger than an oak tree (To be as strong as an ox)

Ser uña y carne – To be nail and flesh (To get on really well/be really close)

Es pan comido –
It is bread that has been eaten (It’s a piece of cake)

Ser más del campo que las amapolasTo be more from the country than the poppies (To be a hick)

Ser como guitarra en un entierroTo be like a guitar at a funeral (To stick out like a sore thumb)

Ser un pedazo de pan
To be a piece of bread (To be a really nice person)

Ser un águila
To be an eagle (To be very sharp)

Ser del montón
To be of the heap (To be nothing special/nothing to write home about)

No es cosa del otro mundo
It isn’t from another world (Nothing to write home about)

Ser un culo de mal asientoTo be a backside that can’t sit still (To have ants in your pants)

Ser el ojo derecho de alguien To be someone’s right eye (To be the apple of someone’s eye)

Ser plato de segunda mesa
To be a second table dish (To play second fiddle)

Ser un espantapájaroTo be a scarecrow (To be really ugly)

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