Key tips to memorise Spanish vocabulary

Key tips to memorise Spanish vocabulary!

One of the keys to mastering Spanish is to learn new vocabulary. Many people find this difficult as busy lifestyles don’t allow you to spend as much time as you may like on learning new Spanish words. Many people do not have a great memory and struggle to remember even the most basic words. As a Spanish tutor, over the past nine years I have been creating new and inspiring ways to help learners memorise new words, which are described in this article. Continue reading

Why Learn Spanish via Skype?

Are Spanish Skype lessons as effective as face-to-face lessons?


Skype is a free program allowing you to communicate with people all over the world with free voice or video calls. It is becoming increasingly popular amongst language learners as it provides an amazing tool for learning a language effectively.

As a Spanish tutor I have noticed a sharp increase in the number of learners requesting Spanish Skype lessons over the past two years.

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