French – the Language of Love

Think of Paris and you can imagine no end of wonderful, romantic scenes … Strolling along the banks of the Seine, wandering hand in hand under the Eiffel Tower, sharing a Menu du Jour in a rustic café, tucked away in the Latin Quarter. But it is not only France’s capital city that conjures up ideas of love – French itself is often nicknamed ‘the language of love’. So, this Valentine’s Day, why not have a go at expressing your romantic side through ‘La Langue d’Amour’, using the following lovely phrases!

Je t’aime / Je t’adoreI love you
Mon chéri / Ma chériemy darling (male / female)
Mon amourmy love
Tu es pour moi la plus belle – (To a woman) You are, for me, the most beautiful
Tu es ma joie de vivreyou are the joy of my life
Joyeuse Saint-ValentinHappy Valentine’s Day

And you can really impress with this beautiful proverb about love in French!

De bonne amour vient beauté, de fol amour ne vient que mal.
(From good love comes beauty, from crazy love comes only harm)

If you would like to learn more French to impress your loved one, feel free to browse our French tuition page on the main website or contact us for more details.

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