Filler words in Spanish (muletillas) – sound like a native speaker, not a textbook!

In English we have many filler words that we use to give ourselves time to think about what we are going to say next, such as; err, well, hmmm, like, you know etc. Particularly when you are learning to speak a foreign language like Spanish you start a sentence and then halfway you get stuck as to what to say next and you need a few seconds to think. It is here that these “filler words” come in handy. In Spanish, “filler” words are known as “muletillas” or “palabras de relleno”. If you can learn a few of these words they will not only make you to sound more natural and therefore more like a native speaker, but they can also give you time to think about how to word what you want to say next. Read on to learn the key “filler words” (“muletillas”) in Spanish and sound like a true Spaniard!:

Bueno – Well
Pues – Well [“bueno” and “pues” are used in the same way]
Vale – Ok
Venga – Come on
Sabes – You know
A ver – Let’s see
Vamos a verLet’s see
Mira – Look
O sea – I mean / Or rather
Es decir – That is to say
Sin embargoHowever / Nevertheless
Así – Like this/that, So
EntoncesThen, So
Luego – Then / Later
¿No? – Isn’t it? / Isn’t that right?
¿Verdad?Right? / True?
¡Vaya! – Wow! [To express surprise, disgust, satisfaction]
Viste – You see / Wasn’t it? [Argentinean Spanish]

You can also use two filler words together:

Pues bien – Right / Ok
Así pues – So then
Bueno pues – Ok then
Pues entonces – In that case
Pues entonces nadaNothing in that case
Pues nada – Nothing
Pues mira – Well look
Pues sí – Yes then
Pues vaya – Wow
Algo así – Something like that

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