Chinese Numbers (II)

Here are the numbers in Chinese from 0 to 10, and there are some ‘silly’ tips to help you remember them. Please notice that the sounds of the numbers are underlined.

0 – Líng – bling bling the twinkling star
1 – – is easy
2 – èr – two ‘r’s on the Rolls Royce
3 – sān – three grinds of sand
4 – – a girl named Sue
5 – – when you woooo someone, you wave five fingers
6 – Liù – the lion King Leo wears a number 6 on his neck
7 – – seven dwarfs having tea and cheese (combine the tea and chee)
8 – – eight sheep go baaaaa
9 – jiǔ – a girl named Jill
10 – Shíshhhh, be quiet

The sounds of the numbers are easy, don’t worry about the tones, we will look at them later.

The best way to memorize these numbers is to break it down into two parts, one to five and six to ten, and just keep on repeating them.
Repeat to remember and remember to repeat.

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