Expatriate Relocation Service

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Relocating employees abroad

Transferring employees and their families abroad is an essential task for many companies with offices located globally. Moving abroad may seem a daunting task, but with our professional bilingual support and customer-friendly approach we facilitate the process and take care of any difficulties that may arise.

Retiring abroad

Many people are choosing to spend their retirement in another country. Once you have decided to do this it may be confusing as to what procedures are necessary and how to go about them; you may be concerned about setting up foreign bank accounts, transferring your pension abroad, learning the language to feel more at home and make friends with the locals or how to continue pursuing your hobbies in the new country.

How VLS Relocation Service can help:

Our personalised relocation service will help expatriates settle in to their new environment quickly, making the transition to a new country a smooth and pleasant experience for employers, international employees, their families as well as retired people.

We help in the following areas but also adapt to individual needs since every family will have its own unique requests:

  • Visa assistance: We help you apply for the correct visa, work permit required for the country concerned.
  • Professional: We can help you transfer your professional qualifications obtained in your home country so that they are valid in your new country of residence allowing you to start work as soon as possible. We will help you obtain certified translations of documents such as passports, birth certificates, degree certificates and academic transcripts.
  • Home selection: We discuss the housing options available to you given your particular requirements – proximity to work/local services, neighbourhood preference, and preferred housing type. Home search – we can visit houses, flats, apartments with you. We will explain contracts, agreements and mortgage terms. We can also assist with booking hotels upon arrival.
  • Education: After providing an overview of the school system we help find suitable schools and accompany you on local school visits. We will assist with the admissions procedure plus enrolling on any type of course or club; foreign language courses, yoga, zumba, photography, cookery, wine-tasting, first-aid and so on.
  • Language evaluation: We will identify your language needs and how to learn the language of your new country of residence. This is an essential part of integrating into your new community so that you feel happier and more at home.
  • Community introduction: Local area tour of the surrounding towns and villages. Community tour – pointing out local shops, post-office, banks, restaurants, parks, doctor’s surgeries and cultural highlights. Shopping – we give advice on types of shops and their location. Restaurants – we offer advice on popular places to eat out.
  • Utilities: We provide assistance with setting up your gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet and TV packages.
  • Banks and Finance: We explain how our banking system works in comparison with home country. Help to open a bank account. We help retired people set up their pension in the new country.
  • Driving: We can give an overview of the driving rules. Help to book written and practical tests.
  • Miscellaneous: We can attend doctor and hospital visits with you upon request. We assist with purchasing home, health and car insurance.

How the service works:

• Select one or all of the above services.

• There are reductions for purchasing multiple services.

• Services are carried out in a logical order.

• A minimum of 4 hours will be invoiced per request.

Before arrival: Before the expatriate arrives in the new country we will send a “Survey” to assess the individual needs and priorities. This will help us design a customized package to suit your particular circumstances.

Contact us today to find out more about how our Expatriate Relocation Service can help you make your move abroad stress-free.

(01733) 573467 / 07870 699404

Call us today to find out how we can help you relocate abroad hassle-free: (01733) 573467 / 07870 699404

Client testimonial:

“I had a difficult maze of bureaucracy to navigate in order to be able to use my degree in order to work in Spain, which was made impossible by my lack of workable Spanish. Fiona went above and beyond the call of duty to help me collect all the necessary information, and fill out the paperwork correctly in order for me to work. She was invaluable in the whole process, and at a very competitive rate. I couldn't rate her highly enough, and would recommend the service to anyone.” Nick Haworth.