Spanish Travel Phrases

Useful Spanish travel phrases everyone going to Spain should learn!

Hiring a car in SpainSo you’ve booked your flight and hotel, packed your suitcase, got your euros, don’t forget your phrase book or at least learn some key phrases before you leave!
Everybody knows how to ask for two beers, “Dos cervezas, por favor”, but knowing just a few extra words and phrases can help you get much more out of a holiday. Taking the time to learn the following could make your next trip much easier and stress-free:


Spanish people are very polite so it is a good idea to learn how to greet them correctly.

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Awesome place to practice Spanish: Tulum, Mexico

Learning a foreign language offers several advantages. You can get better jobs, make new friends, watch films without having to read subtitles; but among the variety of good reasons to learn a foreign language, travelling abroad and experiencing a country fully has got to be at the top of the list of many passionate travellers. Today we will look at a wonderful place to practice your Spanish, Tulum. Continue reading

How to make a complaint in Spanish at your hotel.

Hearing about people’s experiences in foreign hotels and after having faced problems when staying in hotels abroad myself, I thought this would be a good article for people learning Spanish, leading up to the peak holiday period. Read on to learn some key expressions which may just help you out on your next holiday in a Spanish-speaking country: Continue reading

Spanish phrases for emergency situations

Having been in an emergency situation myself a couple of times when living in Spain, I know how important the following phrases can be. Read on to find out how to ask for help or to offer your help if you ever find yourself in danger or an emergency situation:

Emergency services:

ambulance: ambulancia
police: policía
fire brigade: bomberos
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Useful Spanish phrases for your next visit to Mexico City (Nice photos included!)

Hola, my name is José Lira, I live in Monterrey, México and this is my first guest post here at Viva Language Services (and I am very happy about that!). I was born in México but my accent (and thus my writing) leans toward American English because I lived there for some time, so please pardon any “English sacrileges” I might throw your way. Let’s just have fun and learn some Spanish together!
Today I would like to share a few things that caught my attention last time I visited Mexico City and use those situations to practice a few useful Spanish phrases you might use in a similar scenario. Who knows, you might learn something or you might buy a plane ticket by the end of this post. Let’s get started! Continue reading

Hiring a car in Spain

to hire a car:  alquilar un coche
to collect:  recoger
to drop off:  dejar
satellite navigation:  el sistema de navegación
air conditioning:  el aire acondicionado
a car:  un coche
an estate car:  un coche familiar
a van:  una furgoneta
a child’s car seat:  un asiento de bebé
boot:  el maletero
keys:  las llaves
driving licence:  el carné de conducir Continue reading

Hone your bargaining skills in Spanish

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a bargain? Haggling with native market sellers is the ideal opportunity to practise your Spanish with the locals. After recently using my Spanish haggling skills successfully(!) when buying souvenirs in Buenos Aires, here are my top tips for getting the best items at the best price at any Spanish-speaking market.
Top Tip: Arrive early! Stall holders usually want to make a quick sale to kick start their day, so will be eager to sell at any price if you go first thing.

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